North Karelia, Finland

Out first unit!

We purchaced and founded Auroora in the summer of 2021.

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Auroora located in Rääkkylä, Finland. Rääkkylä is located in eastern part of Finland and to the closest city it is about 60km drive. Closest train station is about 20km away at Kitee and from Helsinki to Kitee it is a 4.5h trip. The location in the middle of country side, lakes and forests offers a lot.


The building is an 455 square meter school building built in the beginning of 20th century. In its current state, the building can host 4-5 people and after renovation and organizing the rooms a little differently, a few more. Two of the rooms are quite big since one was a small school gymnasium and the other was in other common usage. Those rooms will be great places for an office or other workspaces. In the basement there is a workshop suitable for metal work, sauna, cool storage rooms for food and other storage rooms. It will be a great place for communal living!

Land area

The plot is a bit over one hectare. On the plot there is some forest, apple trees and a large outbuilding that used to be storage, garage and a cowshed.


We are looking for people who are interested in visiting or living in Auroora. Please fill this questionnaire, if you are interested.