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Our model

This article explains our purpose, goals and operational model


Organization structure, guidelines and future development


Micro-industry as a backbone of local sustainable economies

Our purpose

The purpose of Koto Co-op is the development of technologies and social structures that enable sustainable, post-scarcity society, thus making this development feasible. To advance this development, we aim at creating operational models which allow us to gather people and provide them livelihood. This way we sustainably strive to maintain development and research. Check out our full model description.

We are part of a larger community

As a community, we feel like we are part of a larger global movement towards a more sustainable world.

Our core principles

Sustainable development, focus on welfare, sense of community, open source, and sharing economy. We aspire to cooperate with parties that share the same principles and goals with us.

Development work

The core of our development work is based on developing life-sustaining and livelihood enabling technologies. We develop, for example, solutions related to food and energy production, general production like recycling, manufacturing, refinement, and treatment of materials.

Freely shared solutions

In fact, we strive to develop and research all society supporting technologies in a smaller scale. In our work, we utilize free and open-source solutions as much as possible. The results of our development will be openly shared on the Internet.

There are other ways to support us, if you cannot work with us right now

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Juuso Vilmunen aka Jeukku

Juuso Vilmunen aka Jeukku


Hey, I’m a founding member of Koto Co-op. I’m a software developer and an overall nerd who is deeply worried of environmental issues and suffering to everything living caused by humans. Let’s work together to create systemic change to free people to understand we are one!

Juuso Määttä

Juuso Määttä

HR, Co-founder

Hi. I am the second Juuso of Koto. I study master studies on automation in Aalto University. I am co-founder of Koto Co-op and as HR manager my responsibility is taking care of volunteers of Koto. So, if you are interested in joining Koto please send me a message in Telegram @viikinkeri.

Tuomas Ceder

Tuomas Ceder

Video creation team

Hello! My name is Tuomas. I’m a physics student at the University of Helsinki and I’m also the team leader of Koto’s Video creation-team. Feel free to check out our videos at Youtube @Koto Coop

Akseli Mikkola

Akseli Mikkola

Communication team

Heyo! I’m Akseli the communications manager. I study politics & communications at the University of Helsinki. My interest is to create a better and sustainable future. Let’s work together to gain a sustainable future with the realization of human rights.


Development Team

Telegram @jeukku

Development team of Koto Co-op does variety of development work ranging from web tools to game development. With this development work Koto Co-op can fund it’s activities. If your company needs to upgrade their website, please be in touch.

Communication Team

Telegram @Haamukirjailija

Purpose of communication team is to take care of internal and external communication of Koto Co-op. Communication team creates our newsletters and social media posts.

Video creation Team

Telegram @tuomasc

In the Video creation-team our goal is to produce informative and enjoyable content regarding Koto Co-op. Check out our Odysee channel

Technology Team

Telegram @viikinkeri

Purpose of this team is to support and carry out technical development and implementation work done within community of Koto Co-op in accordance with the purposes of Koto Co-op. This team also aims to help with any technical issues rising from the Koto Co-op community.

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Join Koto Community

Are you interested in being involved with Koto Co-op? Here are the steps you can take regarding that:

  • Fill in the adjacent application form. We will be in touch.
  • For general discussion, here is a link to our Telegram chat and to our Discord server.
  • If you are interested in certain team, you can send a telegram message for that team’s responsible person. You can find our teams here.
  • If you have any questions about joining Koto Co-op, send a telegram message to Juuso Määttä @viikinkeri or an email to info@kotocoop.org