What is this about

We will start an co-op that will fund and set up “units” where members can live ecologically without barter, improve their skills and plans which help expand the way of living and gather resources needed to set up a next unit. Number of units will grow exponentially and money needed for the next unit decrease because resources will be produced more and more inside co-op.

Participation share will grant you right to live in any of the units and move to another unit at will. Price of the share is so equals to price of the resources needed to build one apartment. Monthly cost will be less than what people typically pay rent.

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People taking care of things

Juuso Vilmunen, https://www.facebook.com/jeukku, https://twitter.com/jeukku, juuso at vilmunen.net


Telegram groups

In effort to ditch Facebook we created two Telegram groups. Groups are “Koto coop” and more general group hopefully shared between similar projects called “Creating hi-tech NL/RBE communities”. Send a message to Juuso to get an invite https://t.me/jeukku (no direct invite links anymore because there has been too much spam).

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Options for following the project the project monitoring options: