Earth Restoring Lifestyle

The climate and environmental disaster we face won't be solved without a change in lifestyle. Saving the earth should be part of everything we do. We want to pass on a thriving, vibrant planet to future generations. A lifestyle that includes locally sourced products, regenerative agriculture, and smart resource use is essential, but we need to make it easy for people.

Finding a sense of purpose in caring for ecosystems

People aren't happy and for many people even trying to recycle feels like too much work. we argue that you can find purpose and meaning in working for the earth and helping other people to live healthier, happier and more environmentally friendly lives. People shouldn't be forced to live stressful, consumerist lifestyles when there are options we can offer them.

Holistic well-being

Taking care of our whole selves, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually, is vital. Our personal wellbeing enables us to contribute more effectively to the care of others and our planet. In turn, a healthy world supports our overall well-being.

Inclusive community

People thrive when they have a group of people around them to support them in their daily struggles. Collaboration and mutual understanding are the foundations of a strong team capable of creating positive change. We want to give people different ways to contribute, but we expect them to say what they want to achieve and we can try to make it happen together.

Sharing the world with non-human animals

We share this earth with animals, who are an integral part of our global ecosystem. We accept that fostering compassion and reducing the suffering we cause is more important than satisfying our tastes or habits, or avoiding minor discomfort.

Open Source Sustainable Technology

The adoption of sustainable technologies enables a future where progress and environmental protection go hand in hand. Open source and green innovations represent a collaborative step forward, emphasising collective wisdom and shared responsibility.

Technology development

Technological progress, if it is environmentally friendly, can support an environmentally friendly lifestyle and make it easier for people to live. Technologies that protect nature allow us to maintain modern conveniences without compromising the health of future generations.

Open collaboration and knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing enhances collective intelligence and inspires innovative solutions to global challenges. Through open collaboration, we all benefit from a pool of shared ideas and experience. New innovations shouldn't be held back by corporations.

Renewable technologies and environmentally responsible practices

A commitment to renewable energy and responsible resource management is essential to minimise our environmental impact. Eco-conscious practices ensure the continued ability of nature to support life.

Lifestyle impact assessments and studies

Assessing the environmental impact of our lifestyles enables us to make informed decisions. Research and communication of these findings guide us towards more sustainable ways of living and working.

Low-tech innovation: Celebrating simplicity

Simple is often best. Low-tech solutions, such as rainwater harvesting and natural or recycled building materials, can be both effective and environmentally friendly, working with nature without causing undue harm.

Organisation Supporting People Creating Change

The purpose of Koto Co-op, as a not-for-profit organisation, is to use growth to enable more and more people to participate in change. We hope that by helping people and the earth, we will make profit that will be recycled to help more people. With this positive feedback we want to make sure that enough people can escape the capitalist system and the earth can be saved.


Our units are groups of people who want to do activities that help people locally and help the cooperative. A unit could be an eco-living and technology centre like Auroora, a community garden, a hackerspace or a vegan street food shop. Our members can use the resources provided by the unit according to rules written by the unit and the Co-op together.

Decentralised organisational development

A decentralised organisational structure values every contribution, encourages shared decision-making and a sense of belonging, leading to wiser decisions and a more cohesive group dynamic.

Business growth and profit

As a cooperative in Finland, we are a non-profit organisation. All the profit we make is invested back into the Co-op and the people around it. Income is generated by applying and promoting open source solutions, offering services to other organisations and providing housing solutions with sustainable practices. In essence, the co-op's business activities are as much about supporting its mission as they are about creating a ripple effect of positive change through a network of global collaborators.