01 Nov 2020 - Introduction video

Koto Coop Introduction video has been now published!

18 Jul 2020 - Starting funding in teams

While we feel like it would be nice to boycott money, we think that more effective way is to gather money and other resouces in an co-op and share them to members of that co-op. This makes members free to focus on more important things than just getting paid to survive. We can also provide work for people who will not or cannot take part in any tasks or jobs closely involved with the monetary system. This type of work is for example taking care of the land, buildings, persons and plants.

05 Jul 2020 - A new article about Koto-model

A new article of Koto model of operations has been published here.

27 Mar 2020 - Project: Biogas

As our first project we decided to look into generating heating energy and electricity with home made biogas.

12 Mar 2020 - Koto projects has been launched again!

TZM Finland has decided to make Koto it’s main project for this year.

21 Aug 2019 - When units gets dissolved to make Koto work in a large scale

Hey, Juuso here :) In my mind Koto will be a network of small units pretty long. A good part of Phase 2 in the description document. A unit is let’s say at max twenty people. Units can be built next to each other but it is probably for the best if only one per city is created at first.